Branding Yourself as an Intrapreneur in a “Belonging” Culture

Richard Branson shares how the immigration queue at the British Virgin Isles is split between Belongers and Non-Belongers. For those who travel often, this is a nice change from Residents and Non-Residents. In this article, a personal branding blog applies the same concept to companies asking what a corporate Belonger is? You are given the freedom and empowered to create and innovate. In the past, Intrapreneurs were not mainstream and worked on the fringes in corporate settings. Compare that to how Google enables employees to spend 20% of their time on projects they’re interested in.

It is important to relate the sense of belonging to a group-oriented cultures with driving Intrapreneurship within a corporate environment. Intrapreneurs are effective when they balance the belonging (and thus advancing their ideas) with innovating (and improving the status quo).

Having recently read the Innovator’s Dilemma though, this article reaches a different conclusion from Christensen who argues that Innovators should be separated from the parent company to allow them to flourish.

Do you agree the Belonging article above or Christensen? How can an Intrapreneur balance belonging and innovating?

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