Dreamworks, LinkedIn and Google – Intrapreneurial Cultures

Programs that formalize Intrapreneurship through establishing executive level representation (eg Chief Innovation Officer) and subject matter expertise (eg Entrepreneurs in Residence) do work.

However, there are broader approaches to embed the spirit of Intrapreneurship throughout the whole organization. Here’s a quick overview. Click here to check out the full excellent blog post at Innovation Excellence.

  1. Look for it — to recognize potential Intrapreneurs
  2. Be Transparent — to share the big picture and align new ideas with a bigger vision
  3. Be Inclusive — to make enfranchise Intrapreneurs
  4. Give People Ownership — to empower people to make decisions
  5. Make Risk-Taking and Failure Acceptable — to facilitate innovation
  6. Create a Learning Culture – to allow possibilities to be seen and explored
  7. Train Employees on Creating and Selling Innovation — to create engagement, happy employees and teach them how to pitch their ideas successfully l
  8. Support People With Ideas — to help them develop
  9. Offer Room to Play around — to spur innovations like Gmail and Google earth
  10. Create a Safe Place for Innovation — to remove short term pressure for immediate returns like Toyota’s Prius
  11. Celebrate and Reward Intrapreneurial Behavior – to encourage and retail Intrapreneurs
  12. Encourage Cross-Discipline Project and Collaboration — to increase the chances of success like 3M
  13. Encourage Networking and Knowledge Sharing — to create a network with internal influencers and connectors
  14. Focus on How to Better Serve Customers — to create the context, stimulus and ideas that facilitate success
  15. Be Sensitive to External Changes — to stay ahead of trends and competition
  16. Shorten the ‘Yes Chain’ — to allow ideas to get to the Yes stage like Apple
  17. Create and Allocate a Funding Pot – to feed projects and move them forward




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