Four Tips to Foster Intrapreneurship

A note from Davos on Social Intrapreneurship by Gill Bulloch, the head of Accenture’s Development Partnership…

Intrapreneur is not a job title. They’re “two-thirds change maker, one-third trouble maker”. Look at Vodafone’s M-PESA Mobile Banking business in Kenya. It was an Intrapreneur, known to his firm as a Marketing Manager, who developed the idea and sold up the chain at Vodafone.

Here are the Gill’s tips for fostering business benefit with social good:

  1. Leadership needs to provide cover to protect the bottom-up ideas. Without a high level champion, middle managers will likely derail the idea before it can develop 
  2. Harness the trouble maker. The Social Intrapreneurs are different from their peers. Ensuring that their enthusiasm and ideas are channeled is key to incentivising them to develop their ideas
  3. Realize the value of retaining these actors. Making a difference matters to them and that can coexist with making money.
  4. Base decisions on the Business Case. The numbers still have to add up and the innovations have to add value to the business to be sustainable.

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