Great post from former GE Exec on Corporate Innovation

Detailed and insightful case study about how GE used a “Work Out” program to weed out inefficient processes. The author, Steve Jeffes, offers an up close look for how to implement this process to appeal to both employees and the company. I especially liked the concept of aligning the eight company and eight employee measures to create effective innovation.

Check out the full article here…


Fast Company’s 4 Steps to Intrapreneurship

Fast Company take a look at fostering innovation within companies.

It contrasts the differences between pursuing buzz at startups and the advantage of managing expectations within companies. The article discusses using the term “pilot” for cover and limit unrealistic pressure.

The author also discusses the importance of staging the risk, or in other words being agile while being willing to pivot. This is particularly important given the ties between a new product or process with the established business. Similarly, the article discusses the importance of bootstrapping corporate start-ups before tapping corporate funds. Like VC money, corporate funding for intrapreneurial ideas may limit the ability to pivot and refine the concept.

Finally, good intrapreneurs explain the four “whys”. Why this, why now, why us and why me. I found the why now question to be particularly relevant because it speaks to prioritizing existing corporate initiatives with new intrapreneurial ones.

Read the full post here at Fast Company.



Delivering Innovation for Large Companies- 6 P’s

This is an article that synthesizes a lot of other posts on innovation. It touches on perspective, potential, prototyping, partitioning, persistence and people.

This is designed to be a framework for how a company perceives and processes new ideas and products. It touches on company outlook and culture and moves to agile methodology and providing support for change within an organization.


Creating Corporate Culture to enable Innovation

Good blog post from Jeffrey Phillips on how culture enables innovation. Interesting takeaways include a brief discussion of an innovation culture and a focus on reward/recognition, recruiting and retraining as the 3 R’s to transition a culture…Not a quick fix, but who said bringing innovation to a corporate culture should be measured in days rather than months?

Paris and Intrapreneurship!

Check out the Intrapreneurship conference in December if you can make it to Paris. To state the obvious, there’s a European focus here, but it looks cool if you can make it. Speakers include executives (former and current ) from a variety of companies including  3M, The Garage Initiative that Microsoft uses to test their Tech ideas and Alcatel-Lucent.

Innovation not Cannibilization – Bringing a Startup Accelerator In-House

Helsinki publisher Sanoma decides to bet on innovation and bring an accelerator in-house. Most mid-sized companies support innovation – at least out loud – but what makes this different is that Sanoma has a 1.1 billion Euro (that’s a $1.4 billion) market cap.Did I mention that Sanoma is a publicly traded company?